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Connected health news

Crowdsourcing COVID-19 and cancer treatments

See how researchers are using the DreamLab app from Vodafone Foundation to identify potential treatments for Long Covid and cancer.

Restorative powers of digital

Fresh perspectives on how to use technology to tackle mental health, including virtual therapies and counselling, and online tips for meaningful connection, creativity and learning.

Healthcare is looking up

A brilliant example of connected drones being used to change lives as Vodafone partnered with Skyports and Deloitte to use drones to deliver medical supplies for NHS Scotland.

Dorset’s 5G-powered future

Discover how Vodafone is connecting countryside and coastal communities, and boosting local economies with the latest 5G network technologies.

Get flexible for summer

Join Olympian Tom Daley for VodaYoga sessions with posture-improving poses, plus breathing and mindfulness exercises on Vodafone’s YouTube channel.

The Times – Connected Health with Vodafone

See how connected health and care can dramatically improve health outcomes.

WIRED Briefings: Connected health and care

Watch Prof. Shafi Ahmed and Vodafone’s Danny Kelly talk about innovations in health and care.

Telesurgery trials a success

Imagine if surgeons could be transported into operating theatres virtually.

Health logistics are looking up

Drones deliver organs for transplant, equipment and drugs quickly and cost-effectively.

Tomorrow’s doctors wear VR headsets

Find out how Coventry University is pushing the boundaries of teaching and learning.